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You're home alone. Your bedroom is dark, you are watching something on TV, but your mind is drifting. You crave something, just out of your reach. Your soul is hungry, you are restless.

A voice, my voice, suddenly plays on a button you clicked, and it feels like all of creation became silent. You've never heard a voice like this before, a slight tilt to it, a mysterious exotic accent. A voice that speaks and sounds like crashing waves of passion and erotica.

You are mesmerized and captivated because this is what you craved and didn't know it. But now you do, don't you? YOU KNOW that this is the voice, and this is the woman that will send you into ecstasy.

I am that woman, and this is my voice. I am an AMSR specialist, AMSR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. What does it mean? Well, I'm glad you've asked. I can use my voice in such a way, that will trigger a euphoric sensory response of well being by those who are susceptible to this response. The expert way I use my voice and the spectrum of my abilities can modulate the sound to be soft, sensual, measured, to strict staccato rhythm that will cause you to snap to attention and obey, or melt with admiration into a puddle of lust.

Whatever sound you crave, I can whisper you into earth shattering release or alter your perception of reality. You will travel galaxies, you will feel the tension of the day melt and seep away. It's the sound of your dreams, fantasies, desires and wants, but also of the ultimate relaxation and peace you crave and deserve.

A voice full, silky and whimsical, slow and measured, youthful yet layered with secrets and wisdom. You are relaxed but filled with deep desire for the sound of my words and stories. You feel an immediate connection to me, because such a sweet sound, a siren call, a voice like this, can lead you through rivers and mountains and oceans to the promised land of blessed release.

You will never be lonely and lost again. You know that my voice, and myself, Alina Sky, is your safe harbor. The passion, the fire hidden within that voice, can erupt and engulf you, and you can't wait to burn with desire. You know it will be worth it, and you know that you need me, only me, and NOTHING else will do.

Now, make yourself comfortable, and get ready for a voice so sensual, so erotic, so mesmerizing and diverse, you will feel transformed just by listening to me. Close your eyes, and let's set sail on an adventure you won't soon forget, and you so truly need and deserve.

Alina Sky Pleasure Palace of Sound and Sensuality awaits.