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The voice is a powerful thing. It can sooth and reassure. It can inform and delight. It can also scold and ignite. But what I love best about my voice is my ability to take you on a sensual journey. Painting erotic pictures with my voice and whispers. Strumming your arousal and emotions as my voice inflects the emotion of the scene. So many delicious ways to play and I want to play with you!

Have you ever heard of ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It's a physical sensation of tingling brought on by sounds. This response can be had through soft hushed sounds. Some people have an ASMR response to the sound of soft scratching, I know you've experienced similar while in a movie. The soundtrack some how tingles you deep inside. In My erotic world ASMR can be experience though my sensual voice. Are you Interested? Let's talk more about this erotic way to play!

Mesmerizing, Enchanting are words used to describe my voice when wrapped up in our role-play or fantasy. Teasingly delicious one moment or harsh and stern when called for. Many have enjoyed some Adult Erotic Fun with me and keep coming back for more. Check out My Mistress Reviews they are not sorry, and you won't be either.

Transforming you from your living room or bedroom to my side in my erotic chambers. Where will our play take us? Diverse in kink, delighted by sexuality my erotic tool box is filled with many ways we can play. The only question is, what does it for you? Come and whisper them in my ear then take me and my erotic voice for a ride. Click here to hear my erotic voice read this profile, now imagine it filled with naughty images and deeds. See what I mean?

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