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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+




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Exotic and erotic delights that will take you to new heights are all accessible through the soothing, sensual bewitching incantations of my voice. You will be enthralled, utterly captivated and spellbound by my words. All you have to do is relax and listen. Take in the sound of my growing excitement as I regale you with tales of my sensual mediations and experiences gleamed from goddess training. It's an age-old rite of passage every serious mistress in the trade takes when pursuing the pleasures of the flesh, mind, voice, and spirit.

Just like a bit of magic, I can have you clinging to my every syllable, enamored and fixated on the intense emotions engulfing you as you follow me like a flame on a torch.

Think of the sound of my voice as the energy and propulsion system surging and coursing throughout like the lifeblood of your very body. Let me liberate you from your self-imposed shackles of disbelief and insecurity.

Even if your sense of wonder and intrigue in life?s brimming cup is starting to feel dull, nullified and disenchanted, I can set your senses afire with new vitalization and finesse. All you need is a little extra tender love and care. Let me caress you with my whispers and bring you past the brink of carnal consumption and into a new dimension of vibrancy. Get back the sizzle in your life, the sheen on your manhood, and experience the unbridled wild stream of consciousness that holds the key to unleashing your greatest hopes and dreams. Release yourself from the monotony of the mundane and come into my world.