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What is it about an erotic and sexy voice that gets you hard?

Tone and voice are such powerful things. So much can be conveyed by tone that you can never hear in written text!

(In fact if you are only reading this, I suggest listening to the recording above to hear me, especially for this next part.)

Consider this sentence. Oh, that is your cock. And I can say it one way that would make your heart leap with delight, or say it another way to leave you with that sinking feeling that you do not meet my standards.

I love my voice. I can tease you with a whisper, or tell you exactly what I want you to do, right now, with a stern voice.

My voice is feminine and very powerful, strong yet sensually seductive. It has the ability to make you feel nurtured and understood, or absolutely worthless and humiliated. My voice can make you feel so many things, good or bad. It is sexy, sultry, and just the right amount of naughty and fun.

My favorite is to have you close your eyes and just listen to my voice. Just simply listen for a minute while I delight you. Allow yourself to get lost in my words and stories as I bring your sexual fantasies to life.

Go ahead, let go. Let my voice soothe you into telling me all of your secrets because then the fun and fantasy will begin.

Experience my voice and let it sweep you away into a fantasy world you will want to explore with me often.