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The Many Types of Erotic Voices

by Ms. Constance of

When you think of an erotic voice and what it can do to you and make you feel you may find you like a certain tone or style, no matter what type of erotic voice you choose you are sure to find yourself hanging up the phone and smiling at the amazing experience you just had.

Young Erotic Voice

Some men enjoy a sexy young squeaky erotic voice some sweet thing that can make your cock rock hard and tease you like no other woman on the planet. The sounds of a sweet young voice coming through the phone makes you feel sexually aroused and a bit naughty especially if you’re an older man who enjoys much younger women.

Sensual Erotic Voice

This is the woman who practically purrs when she speaks on the phone to you, not only is her voice erotic but it is sensual and stimulating. You can enjoy her weaving a sexy story or just listen to the sensual voice purr in your ear about the weather. One thing is for sure a sensual sexy voice is sure to get you turned on and ready for anything.

Mature Erotic Voice

You enjoy the raspy mature voice in your ear guiding you through a hot phone sex scene, mature voices make you feel at ease and comfortable because you know you are in the hands of someone who has experience and knows how to use it. Many younger guys enjoy a sexy mature voice because it makes them feel naughty and turns them on bringing back the whole MILF fantasies they had as younger guys.

Bubbly Erotic Voice

This is like the young erotic voice but any lady can have the bubbly thrilled to hear from you excited and fun factor to their sexy voice. These types of voices are for those of you who just want to forget the junk in your life and have a great sexy fun time. A bubbly erotic voice not only can excite you but it can make you feel as if you just had the most amazing sexual experience possible at a comedy club or fun place.

Stern Erotic Voice

You know who you are, a naughty man who needs to be put in his place! You need a erotic voice that will be stern and strong with you someone who does not need to yell to get her point across but someone who can with just a few words said in a stern controlling way have you feeling submissive and eager to please your Mistress.

Which Erotic Voice do You Like?

There are many more types of erotic voices and one day you may choose a young erotic voice and the next a stern demanding erotic voice. The beauty of erotic voices on the phone in your ear is that there is a huge variety and no matter what your mood there is a sexy voice just on the other end of the phone ready to have a sexy time with you.